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Our Specialty - Fraser Island Bush Walking

We offer a range of nature based alternative tour options to visit Fraser Island. We can help you with tailor made itineraries including detailed information to assist people bush walking through the popular more visited places and the remote inaccessible vehicle free areas. All hikes can connect with sailing, 4WD and air transfers allowing us to avoid back tracking as with the self drive tours. We also assist travelers by offering tips and discussing other alternative destinations along the eastern part of Australia.

We feel, that certain travelers will appreciate the opportunity to get away from the main stream a little. Fraser Island trips arranged to individual tastes, small groups, camping equipment and information!

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Guided Tours and Self Drive Options

Fraser Island tours and bush walking

Fraser Island Nature

We can recommend several options how you can visit Fraser Island.

There is a great variety of organized 1,2 and 3 day trips to the island from a price range from $145 to $395 per person. There is a direct pick up and drop off service from and to the hostel by Fraser Island tour companies.

For those interested in self drive options we offer information and booking assistance in getting a 4WD.

Alternate Adventures

Fraser Island self drive and by plane

Discover Your Way

The world heritage listed Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, offering travelers many beautiful and diverse experiences. Discover and explore rainforests, sand dunes, mangrove forests, coastal heaths, eucalytus woodlands and more.

We further provide tour options away from the mainstream where you can experience Fraser Island in your own time using, planes, taxis and bush walking options to visit the island.


We can put you in contact with locals who have yachts, planes, kayaks, 4WD-vehicles and a vast knowledge of the less visited reef, Fraser Island and outback areas. These beautiful unique areas are becoming harder to find!